Phyllis Diller 1917-2012

One of the only comedians that I found funny as a child...Phyl was the real deal...She used to live around the corner from us in Ypsilanti, MI back in the day.. We loved her Fang (husband) routines..they were the best...RIP Phyl....xK

Cast of Carol Burnett Show reflect on Phyllis Diller…

“Phyllis has been a dear friend for many years. She was a pioneer for women stand-up comedians. I was with her a few weeks ago, and she had me on the floor with a few choice jokes. Funny, charming and loving... I’ll miss her.” -- Carol Burnett

"Phyllis Diller came through a mine field of male comedians when she arrived on the comedy scene and she defused them all. She won her place in the Hall of Comedy as the First Lady. I will miss her." – Tim Conway

“95 years old. Pretty damned incredible! She was one of the original pioneers in a truly male dominated industry. And yet, she was one of the nicest, kindest, funniest, sincerest women I have ever known. She is, and forever will be, a genuine, pivotal piece of comedy history. She had such a gentle, hysterical way of laughing at herself without ever making us feel uncomfortable about laughing with her. Study up youngsters! She was one of a kind!” – Vicki Lawrence

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